Ginseng - Healing with Herbal Tea

The real meaning of ginseng is "wonder of the world". This is a fitting name for this great herb because it has so many practical uses in daily life.

In the earlier days of China, it was considered so important that only the emperor was allowed to collect it's roots. It was also commonly collected by the Indians in America, specifically the Sioux.

After Louis XIV received it as a gift from the King of Siam, it became very popular among wealthy individuals as a great tonic.

When looking for a good piece of real ginseng, the roots appearance tells the story. Connoisseurs look for the most natural form of this root, which is the largest, lightest color, fattest, and most whole piece possible. Look for roots that are 4-6 years of age, these are the most potent and sought after roots.

On To The Health Benefits

Ginseng-Tea Benefits

This herb has a variety of different health benefits, all of which people in the world are in desperate need of today. It is called an "adaptogen" which means it balances each side of the body and sets up a defense against stress.

It has been used for centuries to strengthen organs, brightens vision, increase mental capabilities, and make the person feel young again. Try our Organic Ginseng Tea Recipe and enjoy some of the potent healing properties this wonderful herb can provide.

Ginseng root

Source for Wildcrafted Roots

There are many in the east who thinks this herb is wasted on the young and only older folks should drink it. They believe that young people rarely have the need to enhance sexual vigor, increase muscle and skin tone, reduce stress, enhance their immune system, or increase energy, all of which ginseng can do.

It also has the capability to prevent the aging of cells through the power of antioxidants, raise HDL (good cholesterol), regulate blood-sugar levels, and help to power you through exhaustion and/or depression resulting from a nervous condition.

The Bad Side Of The King Of Tonics

There is a bit of controversy over how long this seemingly amazing herb should be taken. It is a true catch 22. On one hand it is agreed that it takes roughly 6 months for the full effect of the herb to take effect, but most herbalists recommend taking it in periods of less than a month's time.

This is one herb which you should study and research more before taking it for more than a month. One rule about it is that very small but consistent (1 serving per day) use is better than large amounts at one time.

If you are looking to buy from a reputable online source, our tea herbs section has a nice Wildcrafted root available.

Note: Do not take this if you have inflammatory conditions, high blood pressure, bronchitis, or if you currently take any other stimulants.


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