Ginger Tea for Colds & Flu

Did you know that ginger tea for colds & flu is just what you body needs for a speedy recovery?

Ginger Tea Benefits

Ginger tea doesn't just tickle the taste buds - For generations and proven in recent studies, ginger tea is excellent for colds and flu, and these are just a few of the benefits of ginger tea!

Just one cup of ginger tea a day will increase your bodies production of the cells that are needed to fight off the invading virus or bug. Start drinking ginger tea as soon as you feel a cold coming on and your body might just be able to fight the virus off before it turns into a full blown version of the cold or flu.

If you already have a cold, no fear, it is not to late to put the power of this herb to work for you by drinking ginger herbal tea. Drinking at least one cup of ginger infused tea can make the difference in a speedy recovery and a cold that lingers. Ginger has many beneficial properties, it can help you to break a fever by drinking several cups of this herbal tea a day. Ginger tea also helps your body to rid itself of mucus build up in the sinuses, throat and lungs. It is very effective.

If your tummy has become upset as well, the ginger tea will sooth that stomach ache in no time at all. It has been proven in several studies that ginger is more effective than the major ingredient in motion sickness and anti nausea pills (dramamine). So, you can warm your body, break a fever, calm an upset stomach, and rid your body of flem and mucus from a cold or flu!

All of this from a cup of herbal tea with just one ingredient!

How to Make Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is so easy to make - all you need is some fresh ginger root and boiled water.

Steep one slice (I like to slice my ginger thin and on the diagonal) of ginger root in 8 ounces fresh boiled water for 4-6 minutes.

That's it! Sometimes I add lemon, making Lemon Ginger Tea and sometimes I steep the ginger with my green tea, making my own Ginger Green Tea.

You can also buy ginger tea bags, but my preference and to get the most health benefits, you need to make your ginger tea like I describe above.

For more information on ginger tea and how to make ginger tea, please visit our Ginger Herb section.

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