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When making my own chi tea dry mix, the spices do not melt into my boiling water like the dry mixes u can buy in the store. How can I get them to be fine enough as they do?

When making traditional chai tea, using real spice, you won't be able to get them to 'melt' like you do in a dry mix no matter what you do.

I like using only real spices when making chai tea and I strain them off using a simple tea strainer.

The dry chai mix that you purchase is full of chemical - read the ingredients. All of this is infused with oils of various herbs or flavoring, there is no herb or spice in the tea, just an infusion of the flavor (could be real or manufactured)into the other ingredients.

So when making chai tea, better to just accpet that you will need to put your spices in an empty tea bag or strain the tea using a tea strainer.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

Ps. Chai tea is one of my favorites!

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