General Question About White Tea

by Kimberly Gomez
(Denton, TX)

Tea Question

Is white tea considered an "herbal tea"? My daughter was just put on a candida diet and I was told she can only have herbal teas. I know that white tea contains a little caffeine so I am not sure if it is "herbal" or not. Are there any herbal teas especially good for getting rid of yeast?
Thank you so much!
Kim Gomez

Hello Kim and thank you for your question about whit tea. White tea is NOT considered a herbal tea. It is a true tea made from the same plant and leaves as black and green tea. The difference between these three types, green, black and white, is the time of picking and the processing of the leaves for making tea.

White tea are the premium tea leaves, the leaves used to make white tea are picked while they are still tender babies, just emerged, and often covered in a white hair. These are baby tea leaves, packed with nutrients and not fully developed. Green and black teas are picked as mature tea leaves (varying degrees of maturity) and this greatly affects the taste and properties of the various teas.

The region in which tea is grown also impacts its flavor and properties.

Herbal tea on the other hand actually contains no tea leaves what so ever, just herbs.

There are 100's of varieties of herbs to make herbal tea from, and often herbs are blended to make a herbal tea blend.

So to help your daughter you want a tea that will combat excessive yeast in the body. We have herbal tea recipes for all of these herbs, but you need to use them under medical care to combat candida

Goldenseal is a a common herb used to treat excessive yeast - it will actually kill the excess yeast, but it is very powerful.

Barberry is another herb that can be made into a herbal tea that will kill of the yeast.

My third herbal tea to recommend for you is Peppermint. Peppermint tea is a great digestive aid, and soothes your stomach. It is one of the more recent herbs to be included as beneficial for yeast infections. It makes perfect sense, and tastes much better than the other two herbs above.

Oregon grape is also a herb that is used to treat excessive yeast.

These herbs can all be purchased through our tea herbs section of the site.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

I hope this helps,


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