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Garlic Herb

Garlic has been used through out history for both culinary and medicinal purposes and is part of the onion family. The most commonly used part of the plant is the bulb and that is divided into segments called cloves. Less commonly, the leaf, stem and flower of the Garlic herb is also edible.

Garlic is enjoyed as a seasoning, a spice and by cutting off the top of the bulb, drizzling it with Olive Oil and roasting it. Once roasted the garlic can be squeezed out from the papery covering and eaten; quite delicious and good for you too!

Historically Garlic has been a food and a medicine to treat ailments such as small pox, dropsy, and tuberculosis. Today Garlic is still used to help lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol and even prevent cancer.

Garlic Folklore

Garlic is present in many stories and mythology. Garlic is said to have first sprouted in Satan’s footprint when he left the Garden of Eden according to one Christian myth. Garlic has been associated with protection from vampires and other evils for many years.

Garlic Tea

Herbal Tea Recipes

Believe it or not Garlic can be prepared as a tea. To prepare Garlic tea cut up a medium to large clove and add to 1 pint of boiling water and simmer on low for at least 30 minutes, strain and enjoy.

Garlic Uses & Herbal Remedies

Garlic Benefits

Garlic tea can be used to treat coughs and cold symptoms.

Garlic is often used to promote healthy gut flora and cleanse the body of toxins, improve blood circulation and general wellness.

Regular consumption of Garlic can change your body chemical to be unpleasant to insects and repelling them naturally.

Garlic is now being considered for its antibiotic qualities and the body does not build up a resistance to Garlic. Garlic is available in pill form for those who do not appreciate the taste.

Garlic Cautions

High doses of Garlic can thin the blood, much like aspirin, so use caution if you will be facing surgery or dental work to avoid bleeding problems.

Chew parsley after garlic to ease bad garlic breath.

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Herbal Tea

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