Free radicals are your bodies worst nightmare. Kill them off with tea!

If you've never heard the word free radicals, or if you don't know what they do to your body you need to read this article and learn about them and how dangerous they are to our bodies and health.

They are something that you DO NOT want in your body. You should try to avoid them at all costs, and learn ways to get rid of them so they can't cause any harm to your body. Avoiding them is perhaps one of the most difficult things for us to do in our society. They are every where, and we breath and take them into our bodies every day.

Here is a very quick and basic overview of how molecules work. Sorry, but you'll need this to understand how they harm your body.

Each electron is supposed to be evenly paired. The damage occurs when for some reason they aren't paired. In our example of free radicals, they form when an electron doesn't form a pair.

When weak bonds split, they leave an electron unpaired. When this happens, a free radical is formed. Think of it this way - an electron turns "evil" and tries to steal an electron from a neighboring cell. The neighboring cell just got an electron stolen from him, so now he is uneven and needs to steal one from the cell next to him.

Like they say - only the strongest survive.

Free Radical Damage As you can imagine, this starts a chain reaction within the cell.

If this goes on for long enough it can cause severe damage to that cell, and even cell death.

You might be thinking, "Oh well, I have a lot of cells in my body so that's ok."

Just remember - your body is supposed to work as a team, and if your individual cells are competing against each other for electrons, it won't work!

Although your body sometimes makes these on its own, our environment adds a lot of stress to our bodies and in return makes a lot more of these cells than we can handle.

Under perfect conditions, our body only produces an amount small enough we can handle. However..pollution, excess sun, herbicides, radiation, cigarette smoke, and stress are just some of the reasons our body creates more than we can handle. They play a role in causing over 60 health conditions, and scientists are finding more everyday.

Herbal Tea

So how do we counteract these nasty cells and get rid of them?

High amounts of antioxidants are absolutely critical if you're trying to get rid of free radical cells in your body. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of them by "donating" one of their electrons to the a cell in need, therefore stabilizing the molecule which stops the chain reaction. Antioxidants don't "turn evil" because they are stable in either form. (And you wonder why antioxidants are so good for you!)

Three very common antioxidants known for neutralizing these evil cells are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Check out my other page to see how green tea can kill free radicals like no other!! I talk about how the antioxidants found in green tea have 100 times the strength of Vitamin C, and 25 times the strength of Vitamin A at these bad cells.

Put down the Vitamin C tablets and get yourself some high quality tea!


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