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Formosa black tea is a type of black tea that is defined by the processing of the leaves of the camelia sinensis plant. Formosa tea is a true black tea and has purported health benefits. Naturally high in caffeine content, formosa types of black tea have a strong, distinct flavor.

Most types of black tea are differentiated by several factors, the first factor is the tea leaf itself, the region in which the tea is grown, the picking time, etc. Formosa teas are a true tea and it all starts with the camelia sinensis or tea plant. The second major impact on types of black tea is the fermenting and drying process. This determines the final type of a tea.

Formosa type teas originate from Taiwan and it is a famous tea from the Taiwan region of asia. It is a large leaf tea, that is often twisted and not usually rolled. It typically brews to a lovely red color and is a beautiful tea with not bitter or tannin taste. Often infused with fruity undertones, formosa black tea is a treat. Serve it in a white china tea cup to enjoy the full red color of this delicious black tea.

The Taiwan government put researchers to work in exacting the Formosa tea, which comes primarily from the Nantou and Hwa-lian counties in Taiwan. The plant itself is a cultivar and unique to the region.

Formosa type black teas are unique in appearance and the leaves are sold whole, up to 5cm long and are twisted and deep black in color from the fermentation process. Formosa's contain caffeine, and some say they taste like brandy or cinnamon. It is an excellent after dinner tea and what I love is that there is no bitter undertones to this unique black tea.

Formosa is not a high production tea, as such, you can expect to pay a fair price. It is unique and prized in Taiwan and a great black tea. If you are a black tea lover, a good Formosa is worth seeking out and trying. Lovely color, aroma and taste can be enjoyed.

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