Fibromyalgia Herbs

Herbal Tea Remedies

Fibromyalgia Herbs can help relieve some of the symptoms associated with this disease.

Most herbs can be incorporated by making a herbal tea or tonic for ease of ingestion and quick absorbtion by the body.

Fibromyalgia is a bit of a mystery and can cause debilitating effects to those who suffer from the disease. Fibromyalgia affects millions of people and they can have different symptoms and varying degrees of these symptoms and pain.

More women suffer from Fybromyalgia than men, and the symptoms are associated with muscle stiffness, pain, and difficulty sleeping to name a few.

Because there is no known cause, this often adds anxiety and depression to the Fibromyalgia sufferer.

We have compiled a list of herbs that can assist in treating the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia, but as there is no known cause, herbs will not treat the disease, only the symptoms. Each herb is a link to a herb description page with a herbal tea recipe.

Caution: Before you introduce any herbal remedies into your medical care, consult with your doctor or medical professional.

Herbs for Fibromyalgia

  • Ginger
  • Ginger is a power house of a herb. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve pain associated with swelling. Ginger is also effective in relieving nausea, and rheumatism. It has been used in Chinese Medicine and documented since 400 B.C.

  • Gotu Kola
  • - Historically Gotu Kola was used strictly as a medicine in Indian Culture. One of its main uses was to relieve the symptoms of leprosy. Gotu Kola can help ease pain associated with headaches, and improve the function of the brain. It has mild tranquilizing and anti-stress effects.

  • St Johns Wort
  • - St Johns Wort is used to treat depression and bring an over all sense of well being. Do not mix St Johns Wort with anti-depressant medication.

  • Tumeric
  • - Tumeric is an awesome anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It can help ride the body of toxin build up and reduce swelling and associated pain. Tumeric contains a compound that is noted to be more effective than cortisol!

    Your health care practitioner should administer all herbs. Please consult them before you start to treat Fibromyalgia with Herbs.

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