Fertility Tea - Fertility Herbs

Teas & Herbs for Fertility

For those having difficulting conceiving a baby, fertility tea and herbs for fertility can often times do the trick.

There are female and male fertility herbal teas that can improve your odds of becoming pregnant.

This article will discuss those herbs that are the most common and effective in increasing fertility. The great thing about fertility herbs is that they are natural, no chemicals or prescriptions needed!

Herbs for Fertility

The following are the most common herbs that are often made into fertility teas and tonics.

Fertility Herbs for Women

  • Nettle Leaf - Nettle leaf is a known tonic to help the uterus. It is quite safe and often very effective. Nettles are very nutritious and have many benefits.
  • Raspberry Leaf - One of the most well known fertility herbs made into herbal tea, red raspberry leaf is also a uterine tonic, and is often combined with red clover blossom in many premade fertility herbal teas.
  • Dong Quai - Dong quai is also know as Angelica Tea and is often combined with other fertility herbs such as nettle leaf, raspberry leaf and red clover blossom. One of the more popular chinese fertility herbs.
  • Fertility Herbs for Men

  • Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto is an excellent herb for helping men achieve maximum potency. It is an excellent aid for the prostate gland and increases libido and sex drive. It is a common fertility herb for men.
  • Damiana - Another excellent fertility herb for men. Damiana promotes overall sexual health and is an aphrodisiac.
  • Fo Ti - Chinese Fertiltiy Herb - There is not much research on Fo Ti to document the effectiveness of this chinese herb, but some say it can increase sperm count and repair erectile disfunction.
  • Male Fertility Help

    There is not as much information for male natural fertility aids, but increasing sperm count naturally can help. We have referred many customers to this product and have had some great feed back. Click Here to enhance sperm count naturally.

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    Tea Bags for Fertility

    Women can purchase premade tea bags specifically for fertility. Here are some of the most popular.

    Trouble Getting Pregnant?

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    More Information - Fertility Herbs & Tea

    We have another excellent article and recipe for making fertility herbal tea. You can read the article here.

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