Fenugreek Tea

by musarat

Tea Question:

hi i have small breast and i want a larger breast have been drinking fenugreek teasince 11nov 09 but notice that they have extended a little bit i wanted to know if the fenugreek tea does actually work or not and if you have a stronger breast enlargement tea that can enlarge my breasts faster.
i hope to hear from you soon..

Well, you have been on the fenugreek tea for just about 3 weeks and are now seeming some results.

Remember, fenugreek breast enhancement is actual tissue growth, not just fluid, so this does take a while.

Continue on with the tea and you will see better results. Fenugreek is one of the safe herbs for naturally increasing your breast size. You will not see overnight results. You need to continue drinking the tea to allow your breasts to grow naturally.

By the way, do you like the taste of the tea? The smell puts me off a bit. If you have any tips for making the fenugreek more tasty, please do share.

Hope this helps, and keep drinking the tea.


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