Fennel Tea

Herbal Tea - Fennel Seed

Fennel tea and fennel seed tea are great holistic healers.

As a medicinal tea fennel has many great attributes that can help us all.

Herbal teas and infusions made of fennel seed can help in many ways.

Here are the top herbal remedies that involve fennel seed and fennel herbal tea:

Benefits of Fennel Seed Tea

Here are some of the medicinal and healing properties of using fennel in a herbal tea.
  • Fennel Increases Estrogen Activity
  • Fennel Increases Breast Milk Flow
  • Fennel Reduces Pain
  • Fennel Anti Microbial Properties
  • Fennel Anti Depressant
  • Fennel Reduces Pain
  • Fennel Reduces Fever
  • Fennel Increases Breast Size
  • Fennel Eases Digestion
  • Fennel is an Appetite Supressant
  • Fennel Lowers Blood Pressure

With a list of herbal remedies like that, we shold all drink some fennel herbal tea, especially women. Fennel is one of the best herbs for women. You can read more about womens herbs in our recent article Herbal Tea for Women.

Fennel and Breast Enlargement

Fennel is just one of the herbs that are used to naturally increase breast size with herbs. There are other herbs that also increase breast size, Fenugreek is also a popular herbal tea used to promote fatty tissue growth in the breast and increase breast size.

If you wish to increase your breast size with herbs, fenugreek, fennel and hops are all good choices. Stick with drinking the herbal tea for at least 6-8 weeks and you will notice increased firmness and fullness to your breasts.

Fennel Herbal Tea Recipe

To make fennel herbal tea, follow our easy recipe:

  • 1 Teaspoon Fennel Seed
  • 1 Pinch Cardamom
  • 1 Cup of Boiled Water
  • Sweeten to Taste
Steep the fennel and cardamom for 4-6 minutes, add sugar if desired.

Strain tea prior to serving.

Where to Buy Fennel Seed

Getting certified organic herbs is very important when blending or infusing any type of herbal tea. Our preferred supplier is Mountain Rose Herbs, they have excellent product. Available in many sizes from small packets to herbs in bulk. Follow the banner to visit their site.

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