Eyebright Tea

By drinking a tea made of this wonderful herb called eyebright, you can make one of the most important things in your life, your eyes, feel much better!

Going back to the time of Adam, eyebright has been a commodity to many people on the earth. In a poem called "Paradise Lost", written by John Milton in 1667, he explains how the archangel Michael used it to heal Adam's eyes after the fall so he could see clearly.

It was also used in the 14th century to "cure all evils of the eye" and it was used as a medicine to preserve eyesight.

So What Does It Do?

Although this herbal tea has been used literally since the beginning of the world, it still has many uses today.

In today's world, computers pretty much rule all. Everybody has and needs one, and a great deal of time is spent on them by everyone from office workers to those who really don't need it for their job and just like to browse the internet and chat with friends.

If you are a person who works from home, chances are you spend most of your time at your computer, and I know from experience that sitting at a computer all day puts a great amount of stress on your eyes.

Well after reading what eyebright can do for you, I can guarantee that your eyes won't dread staring at a computer all day anymore!

If you have tired, dry, or inflamed eyes, you should try drinking a cup to help minimize or even eliminate your symptoms.

It can even help you if you have any type of eye disorder or an eye infection.

For those who work in an office or any job where you need great "mental clarity" you can get 3 different benefits from this great tea. Not only does it help with seeing more clearly, but it also helps clear your head which improves memory, and it's mildly tonic as well.

As well as helping out your vision and mind, it's great for cleaning out all of your sinuses (eyes, nose, and throat) for anyone who has allergies, due to the chemical called tannin that it contains.

It works by strengthening the eye tissues and providing elasticity within the optic nerves inside your eye that are responsible for your vision.

The chemicals in it also help regulate the tensile strength in you eyes which is responsible for tightening or relaxing the eye muscles as needed.

It also regulates the tensile strength within the eye which is responsible for tightening or relaxing the eye muscle as needed.

Eyes are one of the most important things in your life. Shouldn't you take care of them? By drinking eyebright you will heal anything that's wrong with them as well as make them feel much better, which will in turn give you more energy.

If you'd like to give your eyes a boost, you can grab some eyebright here - Tea Herbs. You can buy small and large bulk wholesale quantities of premium herbs for herbalt teas and herbal remedies.

We have more information on Eyebright and it's use as a herb, along with an Eyebright Herbal Tea Recipe Click Here to Visit The Eye Bright Herb Page



*Heinerman J, Science of Herbal Medicine; Orem, Utah, 1979.

*Zak, Victoria. (1999) 20,000 Secrets of Tea.

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