Eucalyptus Tea

Medicinal Tea - Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus tea is a medicinal tea used to treat a variety of conditions.

The Eucalyptus Tree is native to Australia, however it is grown in many areas of the world. The Eucalyptus tree is sub-tropical, but will do well in sheltered areas of North American Gardens to about Zone 9.

The eucalyptus leaves contain an oil that is released into eucalyputs leaf tea when it is steeped. I have an organic eucalyptus recipe for herbal tea a little further down the page for you to try.

Eucalyptus leaf tea blends well with peppermint tea and they compliment each other as far as health benefits go.

Eucalyptus Leaf Tea

Medicinal Tea - Benefits

Eucalyptus Leaf Tea

Eucalyptus leaf tea can treat a variety of symptoms, most related to nasal conjestion. Here are some of the things you can treat with organic eucalyptus leaves:

  • Eucalyptus - Treats Nasal Conjestion
  • Eucalyptus - Treats Bronchitis
  • Eucalyptus - Treats Common Cold
  • Eucalyptus - Treats Infection
  • Eucalyptus - Is Anti Viral
  • Eucalyptus - Treats Fevers
  • Eucalyptus - Reduces Snoring
  • Eucalyptus - Treats Common Cough

  • How to Make Eucalyptus Leaf Tea

    Medicinal Tea Recipe - Eucalyptus

    To make a herbal tea from organic Eucalyptus leaves, here are the general directions.

    • 1 Teaspoon organic eucalyptus leaf
    • 6 ounces fresh boiled water

    Steep the organic eucalyptus leaves for 10 minutes, strain and reheat if necessary. Drink warm for soothing relief, and right before bed to reduce snoring.

    I think it is interesting - ecucalyptus, snoring and other bronchial infections does make sense. So, if you have trouble with snoring, eucalyptus may just give you a good nights sleep. (Your partner too!!).

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    To read more about this amazing herb, visit our Eucalyptus Herb article. There is history, folklore and Eucalyptus side effects.


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