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Essiac tea is a special blend of herbal teas that are put together to form a great tasting drink with many health benefits! It is known as the cancer tea. Although there are different versions of it today, the original essiac cancer tea recipe included the following:

1) burdock root
2) slippery elm inner bark
3) sheep sorrel
4) Indian rhubarb root.

Today, it is common to find blends that contain up to 8 different types of herbs combined into one cancer tea remedy.

Essiac was originally brought to public attention in 1922 when a nurse named Rene Caisse learned of the tea. She learned of the tea from a patient who claimed to have cured her breast cancer by drinking an Indian herbal tea. She then got the recipe and reportedly treated her aunt's stomach cancer with the tea.
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In 1924, Rene Caisse opened a clinic and began to treat her patients with this special herb blend, naming her clinic Essiac (Caisse backwards).

Although she has passed away, the herbal Essiac tea cancer remedy tradition still lives on and is a common tea drank by patients mostly with cancer, hoping that the tea will at least subdue their symptoms.

No studies have been conclusive enough as to say that Essiac Tea can cure cancer. However, some of the specific herbs used to make the tea have been shown to have anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties. These studies have only been conducted in test-tubes and animals though, and the results may or may not be the same for humans.

Like many things, this tea has been used for decades and perhaps even centuries by the Indians to help relieve the body of certain illnesses.

Some of the claims involving Essiac include:

*It strengthens the immune system
*Improves well being
*Relieves pain
*Increases appetite
*Reduces tumor size
*Increases life-expectancy
*Lubricates bones and joints

Tea and Flower

Although most people look to scientific evidence to figure out whether or not to try something new, I must mention this. Sometimes it is impossible to get scientific evidence to prove something. There are many folks who claim that Essiac has helped, and just as many perhaps that have tried this cancer remedy without success.

We all know gravity is real, but because of limited technology it is impossible to prove that gravity exists. In the case of Essiac Tea, or any tea for that matter, it is almost impossible to prove it will cure something because there are too many variables involved.

The only way I can think of is if they removed cancer cells and placed them in a drop of Essiac. If the cancer cells die, it would prove that it would benefit cancer patients. If they were unchanged, it would mean it didn't work. However, for things such as improving well-being, lubricating bones and joints, or strengthening the immune system, I believe it would be extremely hard to measure.

We are not claiming that essiac will cure your cancer, but it may help your body to fight the invasion of cancer cells - it may boost your immune system, and it may provide you some relief from cancer symptoms.

Deciding on Trying Essiac Cancer Tea

If you are considering using essiac tea as part of your overall cancer treatment, I can not stress enough to do this under your Doctor's care. Essiac contains powerful herbs and your Doctor is working with you to assist you in every way possible. Please discuss the use of essiac before you begin drinking the tea as a cancer remedy. Your Doctor can then monitor and advise you on the best over all strategy and document your journey using essiac.

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Note: If you have kidney or liver problems, or are undergoing chemotherapy, it is advised that you do not take Essiac. Please consult a physician before undertaking any type of new program in which you are putting anything new into your body.


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