Essiac Tea: An amazing tea with an amazing story

by Lawrence Garson
(Houston, TX. - USA)

Rene Caisse at the clinic

Rene Caisse at the clinic

Below is some startling information that you will find interesting.

In 1922, a registered nurse in Canada named Rene Caisse, formulated eight herbs acquired from a medicine man of the Ojiwa Indian tribe that actually helped cancer patients. Her Essiac Tea has helped hundreds of people with various health challenges including diabetes.

Why haven't people heard of her amazing contribution to cancer and other health challenges by using her Essiac Tea.

Rene Caisse provided evidence of her accomplishments! Doctors backed and endorsed her! People that used her Essiac Tea gave living testimonials visit website to see the video, YET, the governments rejected it! The FDA wouldn't approve it! And patients testimonies for their use of her Essiac Tea just keep rolling in. WOW!

Read her story at;
View Health Problems and Benefits of Tea and, Her Video Interview.

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