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Paper Tea Bags - Loose Tea

I get lots of emails from people looking for empty tea bags. They are perfect for custom blending your own tea and make brewing herbal tea just a little easier.

You don't need to strain the tea when you use a paper tea bag. Much less mess than tradtional steeping, but I still like to make tea every now and then in the purest form, though it is a little messy to clean up!

Here are some great choices when looking for fillable tea bags:

Buying Tea Bags Empty

Paper Tea Bags

Mountain Rose Herbs our recommended supplier for all your herbs to make herbal teas, has two sizes of empty tea bags.

Empty Tea Bag

This is great! I had trouble finding the larger bags, and these are excellent quality - no bleach or chemical used. Really inexpensive as well.

This is a link to the page on their site where you can buy empty tea bags - both sizes are available, click here, and scroll down a bit.

There is a con to this type of fillable tea bag, as you have to iron it shut.... It is not a foldable bag. So you would have to make your tea bags in advance. But still a great buy for a paper tea bag and a nice touch if you are making wedding favors or home made tea bags to give away.

Paper Tea Bags - Empty

Tea Filters

Adagio Teas is another one of my preferred suppliers and they have a great buy on paper fillable filters. You just add your loose tea or herbs and you are ready to go. 100 filters is jusst $3.00 usd.... pretty inexpensive, but not as nice as the ones from Mountain Rose if you are making gifts, favors or selling your teas. Here are their details:

Empty Tea Bags

Empty Paper Filters

"Enjoy loose tea anywhere with these tea accessories... convenient and easy-to-use disposable empty tea bags. An elongated back makes filling-up easy, and requires no filter holder, making the tea ball obsolete. Simply fold over the edge of your cup or teapot. Made in Germany of taste-neutral wood and hemp fibers. Each box contains 100 filters or empty bags for tea."

Teavana Perfect Paper Filters for Teapots are also available. They are made from abaca pulp (a strong fiber procured from the stalk of a specific banana tree), cellulose, and sealing fibers, and they are bleached with oxygen and are biodegradable. They are a little more expensive at $5.99 USD for 100, but a nice biodegradable option for you.

This gives you some options, and you can always see which type of fillable tea bag you like best as they are quite inexpensive.

Here are a few more fillable and press and seal tea bags that I have found.

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