Echinacea Tea

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Echinacea Tea is an important herbal remedy for those looking for an immune system boost.

It is one of the most common herbs ingested today, and its uses and popularity are wide spread through out European and North American Cultures.

Echinancea herb is ingested in many ways, capsules are some of the most popular, however a tea made from organic echinancea will give your body a much bigger boost than processed echinacea capsules or supplements.

If you want to know more about the echinancea herb, we have an excellent article, Echinacea - The Herb that gives a great overview of the history of echinancea, echinancea side effects, and echinancea facts.

Echinacea Tea Recipe

Echinacea Tea

If you are going to make a tea infused with Echinancea, you must ensure that the source of your herb is an organic one. It defeats the purpose to use herbs that are not organic.

Here is the basic tea recipe for echinancea herbal tea:

  • 1 teaspoon dried organic echinancea herb
  • 1 cup of fresh boiled water
  • Optional:
  • Slice of Ginger Root
  • Lemon Juice
  • Honey to Sweeten

Steep your echinacea in water for 12 minutes, add a slice of ginger root if you wish for flavor.

You will need to reheat at this point due to the long steeping time required. Simply strain the ginger root and echinancea, and reheat on the stove, do not boil.

Add some lemon and honey if you wish. If you feel like you are getting a cold or the flu, drink 2 - 3 cups of the tea and get a good nights sleep. Chances are you will wake up feeling great. If not, you waited too long to take the tea and the cold virus got you first!!

Echinacea Facts - Where to Buy

One of the most important facts about echinancea as a herb, is where to buy top quality organic echinancea. As with all the herbs we use for tea blending, we recommend Mountain Rose Herbs. You will not find better quality echinancea at a better price. There herbs are all certified organic, and if you shop in bulk, the discounts can be as high as 40%. To visit Mountain Rose Herbs and buy echinancea, just follow their banner below.

Echinacea Tea - Buy Echinacea


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