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Dulse Herb

Dulse is a red algae that grows on the northern coasts of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Dulse is commonly used as both a food and a medicine contains many vitamins, minerals, trace elements and protein. Though originally on most commonly used in Northern Ireland and Canada Dulse can be found in health food stores around the world.

Dulse can be eaten strait off the rock so to say, dried and powdered, fried, baked, added to Salsa or used to flavor meat dishes. Dulse is considered tasty by some and unpleasant by others; it has a salty and spicy flavor that is distinct.

It is a preferred taste - but the benefits of drinking dulse tea are extreme. You get a real boost of trace minerals and beneficial vitamins to the body fast.

Dulse Tea

Dulse ‘tea’ can be prepared by placing a handful of Dulse in enough hot water to cover the Dulse and cooking at a low temperature for 15 minutes. Remove the Dulse and save it to eat, add honey to the Dulse ‘tea’ for flavor.

Teas are absorbed by the body easily, allowing all the benefits of dulse to quickly be absorbed and get to work. Tea is one of the best ways to improve your health and well being.

Dulse Uses & Herbal Remedies

Dulse ‘tea’ is used to treat cold symptoms.

Dulse has traditionally been used to treat and prevent scurvy due to its high nutritive value.

Dulse contains fluoride and is thought to strengthen the teeth.

Dulse Folklore

It is thought that throwing Dulse into a body of water will bring peace to the thrower.

Dulse Cautions

Dulse is considered a safe herb, due to the harvesting and drying methods make sure there is no dried snails and sand in the Dulse.

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