drank rue tea and got abdominal pain after...

by stephanie
(south gate,ca)

I drank rue tea 2 days ago to help regulate my menstrual cycle...I drank it in the night, when I woke up the next morning I had started menstruating. But later that day I started feeling bad, I started getting fever that lasted about 2 days and went up to 102.6. Now the fever is gone and I have abdominal pain, and if I press my hand in the middle of my rib cage it hurts too. Ive been naseus as well. What du u think it might be?

Rue tea is poisonous in large doses - please do not drink anymore. You should have one cup or less a day for menstrual regulation. Sounds like you may have over done it. Please use extreme caution. Read more on our Rue Tea section.

I hope this helps,


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