Dora the Explorer Posters

Dora the Explorer posters are and inexpensive way to decorat a childs room, or use as a Dora the Explorer Party Decoration. We have tracked down a couple of posters for you to choose from and they are all very inexpensive from our favorite online poster supplier.

You could use these as a party decoration, and then hang them in your childs bedroom or a rec room in the house for decoration. If you are planning an outdoor Dora Explorer Party, why not hang the poster on a wall outside? The kids will love them.

Check them out and just click the image to order or for more information. Vibrant colors and a great size for any wall.

Dora Posters & Pictures

Dora - Vines
Dora - Vines

22 in. x 34 in.
Buy at

Dora the Explorer - Fiesta 2
Dora the Explorer - Fiesta 2

34 in. x 22 in.
Buy at

Both these posters are under $7 each so they are a great buy and our top picks for Dora Posters & Pictures.

You can see there are some great choices here. Any of these Dora Posters are excellent for framing for a little girls room, using as a tea party decoration, or giving away as a gift.

If you know someone who loves Dora, these posters may be a perfect addition to their Dora collection.


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