Dora the Explorer Party Ideas


Dora the Explorer Party Ideas and Dora Themed Birthday parties are lots of fun for girls and boys. Fun to plan because you have tons of choices for decorations, cakes, invitations and Dora Party Bag favors and supplies.

There are so many fun things to do with a Dora Birthday or Tea Party theme, we have included as many things as possible, please follow the links to other useful Dora party pages for more great tea party and Dora Birthday Party ideas.

Dora Birthday Party Invitations

So now that you have decided on a Dora party theme, you need to get those invitations in the works. Check out our Tea Party Clip Art page for cute graphics if you want to make your own party invitations. Dora Birthday Party Invitations can also be found below.

Dora and FriendsDora Birthday Party Invitations This are from one of our favorite Dora Supply companies. Colorful and so cute. To order just click on the party invitation.

Dora Theme – Tea Party Decorations

You can create a fabulous feel to your Dora theme tea party by gathering up as many Dora dolls as you can. Why not have everyone bring a Dora doll from home? Most kids have them and imagine a room with 20 Doras all around. The kids will love it.

The Party Works, is our favourite supplier for Dora Party Supplies. Visit our Dora Party Supplies page for a huge number of choices. Balloons, table cloths, napkins, banners and more.

You can create banners, use cupcake picks, and create a great Dora party table centerpiece to really top off your Dora Party. Perfect planning will make your Dora theme party one that the kids never forget.

The Party Works

More great Dora The Explorer Party Ideas are below.......

Dora Party Poster

I have tracked done some great Dora posters that are super decorations and can be used later to decorate a childs room or play area, or you can give them away as party favors. Visit our Dora Poster and Pictures page for more information.

Dora Birthday Cake

Make your birthday or tea party really special by creating a home made Dora cake to serve to your tea party guests. Visit our Dora Cake page for information about Dora cake pans, cake toppers and decorating tips.

Dora the Explorer – Loot Bags & Party Favors

Fill up those take home birthday party loot bags with everything Dora! You can really get creative and here are some ideas from ebay to get you going. Ebay is a great place to pick up inexpensive items for your birthday party loot bags. Dora Party favors are easy to order online and the prices are great. Visit our Dora Party Supplies page for some great suggestions and deals on Dora Party Favors.

Dora Party Games

Pin the Bracelet On Dora
Dora Piñata
Dora Musical Chairs
Dora Hot Potato
Dora Explorer Hunt
Find Dora

If you have a great Dora Party Game, please share it with us!


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