Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

Green Tea Benefits

One of the most common questions I get about green tea is does green tea contain caffeine?

Well, the answer is yes. This is why pregnant women and those who are sensitive to caffeine often shy away from green tea.

Green tea benefits are truly amazing. From helping with dieting, to preventing cancers, and boosting metabolism and the immune system to name a few. If you are concerned and have been wondering "does green tea have caffeine", this page will help you.

Green tea has more caffeine content than white tea, but less than black tea.

You can purchase decaffeinated green tea in many different varieties, here are my favorites:

How to Make Decaf Tea

green tea caffeine

If you want to make your own decaffeinated green tea, it is actually quite easy to do. We have some great instructions on decaffeinating your own tea. Easy to do and you can use up your green tea on hand.

Green Tea And Pregnancy

You should not consume large quantities of caffeine drinks while pregnant. So, decaf may be the answer if you are a green tea lover.

No need to miss out on green tea benefits if caffeine is a concern. Either buy one of the great decaffeinated green teas in our list above, or make your own.

More Favorite Green Loose Tea to Try

Pomegranate Green

Ginseng Green Tea

Pi Lo Chun Green

Sencha Premier

Kukicha Green

Gyokuro Green

Gunpowder Green

Green Pekoe

Genmai Cha

Emerald Needle Green

Dragonwell Green


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