Does Honey Effect Tea?

by Katie
(Madison, WI)

Tea & Honey Question


I was reading your fabulous website and I noticed on one of the pages you state that adding sugar greatly reduces the effect of your tea, whether it be by diluting it or adding calories, I'm not sure..

What do you say about honey? I don't add any sugar but I use natural clove honey in almost all of my teas, especially black chai and my yerba mate (with soy milk of course).

Tea and Honey go together well! Sugar on the other hand when it is refined (white sugar) it is not good for us at all. Don't use it if you can avoid it in your tea, or anything else for that matter.

Honey - in its pure form is a delightful sweetner and can enhance the herbal benefits of most herbal teas and loose leaf teas.

Honey itself has a mirade of health qualities and is very beneficial for us. It really gives the immune system a boost and can help reduce the allergies of those who suffer from a variety of different ones.

So bring on the honey! (In moderation of course) to get that tea to just the right sweetness.

Thanks for the comments and question.

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