Different types of teas?

by Shay
(Mississauga Ontario)

Tea Question

I love all types of herbal tea. From green tea, oolong tea, black tea, ginger tea etc...

Is it ok to drink many types of tea? Does drinking so many varieties of tea cancel the benefits out of other teas being drank?

Currently I drink green tea/ginseng tea... I'm begining to also drink ginger tea... I hope that I am absorbing the benefits of all teas!

Thanks for the question! It sounds like you are on your way to loving all types of teas, herbal and traditional tea.

Teas do not really block each other out. Green tea, ginger tea and ginseng tea are all complimentary. You will not run into trouble with drinking a variety of teas, and you will reap the tea benefits from all the different types.

Where you can run into trouble is with the medicinal herbal teas. Some herbs interact with each other, or with prescription medications (if you take any) so you need to use extreme caution when you drink some of the more medicinal herbal teas.

If you are at all concerned that you may be introducing a new tea that could interact with something you are already taking or drinking - a quick chat with your local pharmacist or herb / health food store herbalist and you will know for sure.

And of course, your medical practitioner is always top on the list to ask about reactions between herbs or herbs and prescription or eveno over the counter medications.

There have been several stories of people becoming very ill, and even dying from mixing over the counter medications. So this is a reminder to all of us. If you are concerned a medical doctor is your best bet.

Be sure to disclose any type of prescription or over the counter medication, any allergies, and any dietary restrictions. This will ensure that you get the best advice on if it is okay to introduce the new herbal tea.

Now that I have said all that - this doesn't apply to black tea, green tea or white tea. If you are able to drink these teas with no reactions, then you should be okay - I am talking of the medicinal herbal teas.

Hope this helps, and continue enjoying your tea!

I hope this helps,


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