Diabetes and Herbs

Herbal Remedies for Diabetes

Historically, Diabetes and herbs have gone hand in hand. Before insulin was available to treat diabetes, herbs and plant medicine were the only medicinal aids available. Often this was in the form of herbal tea.

Traditional herbal medicine is still an effective means of treating diabetes. Some herbs are very effective and have been noted in Medical Journals and scientific investigations.

The herbs discussed here are the most common for treating diabetes and have a blood sugar lowering effect. Many of these herbs can be incorporated into your diet by a herbal tea or tonic.

Caution: Diabetes is a serious disease and should be treated by your medical practioner.

Diabetes Herbs

The following list of herbs are effective in lowering blood sugar levels:

  • Onions and Garlic:
  • Both of these have demonstrated their ability to lower blood sugar levels. The cholesterol and blood pressure reducing effects of garlic and onions further substantiate that garlic and onions are good for diabetic patients.

  • Bitter Melon:
  • This is a tropical fruit that is commonly cultivated in Africa, South America and Asia. You intake this fruit in its green, unripened state. Bitter Melon has demonstrated its ability to lower blood sugar levels in Type I and Type II diabetes patience. Juicing Bitter Melon is the most effective means of obtaining the best results and due to its insulin like polypeptide, Bitter Melon has been suggested as an insulin replacement in some diabetic patients.

  • Fenugreek:
  • Fenugreek has been documented to have anti-diabetic effects in clinical studies. The active ingredient is actually in the seed. Defatted Fenugreek seed powder ingested twice daily has shown a significant reduction in fasting blood sugar and improved glucose tolerance. Fenugreek should be incorporated into a Diabetics diet.

  • Bilberry, Grape Seed, & Ginkgo:
  • All three of these extracts offer benefits to those suffering from diabetes. The active ingredient is the flavonoids. These flavonoids increase Vitamin C, decrease the rupture of small blood vessels, prevent bruising and are potent antioxidants.

    Your health care practitioner should administer all herbs. Please consult them before you start to treat Diabetes with Herbs.

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