Decaffeinated Tea Is Easy To Make!


Making your own decaffeinated tea consists of nothing more than water and tea. It can't be simpler! If you are worried about getting too much caffeine, or if you can only have it in small amounts for medical purposes, make sure you read this page.

The best way to make your own decaffeinated tea

1) Start making your tea like you normally would.

2) Boil some water, let the water cool (depending on what type of tea), and pour the water over the leaves to let them infuse. You shouldn't use much water because your going to be pouring it out anyway.

Instead of infusing the leaves for a few minutes, only let them infuse for about 30-45 seconds, and pour off the lightly infused water.

3) Finally, put the leaves back in the pot and pour the water over them like you normally would. Let them infuse for the regular amount of time that they should infuse depending on the tea.

Since most of the caffeine comes out of the tea within the first 30-45 seconds, you now have tea that has about 80% less than it normally had. You've just made your own homemade decaffeinated tea!

Some Reasons Not To Buy Certain Decaf Teas

If you're interested in making your tea decaffeinated, I highly recommend you do it the way I just explained.

If you buy a decaf tea from a producer, make sure you know how they make that tea decaf. There are 2 methods they take for making a tea decaffeinated.

1) The first method uses the solvent ethyl acetate to pull the caffeine out of the tea. Although effective, it also takes out about 60% of the polyphenols (antioxidants). You want all the antioxidants you can get!

2) The second is a natural method using water and carbon dioxide. This is the preferred method of decaffeinating tea. This method is called effervescence. I highly suggest that you call the manufacturer of the tea and find out which method they use. If they do the first method, please find another supplier which uses the natural water method.

If this all seems like alot of trouble to get yourself a cup of decaf tea, you may want to consider purchasing one of many varieties available at Adagio Teas.


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