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Comfrey Herb

Comfrey’s cultivation as a healing herb dates back to 400 BC and is closely related to the herb Boneset. Comfrey is native to Europe and Asia but can be found in North America and many other places world wide.

Comfrey once found in many health stores and markets has become harder to find now due to the scientific studies that reported Comfrey to be a carcinogenic and can cause liver damage in high doses taken internally.

Comfrey is still a popular choice in healing when used topically and has many uses medicinally. Comfrey grows with large leaves to be approximately 3 feet high and has short thick tuberous roots. Comfrey can grow out of control quickly and growing Comfrey is best done in a contained area or pot.

Comfrey Tea for the Garden

Herbal Tea Recipe

Comfrey tea for fertilizer can be prepared by placing a large handful of Comfrey leaves in a container with enough water to cover the leaves. Cover and allow it to sit for about 4 weeks before removing the leaves, squeezing out as much juice as possible. Use 1/3 cup Comfrey juice to a gallon of water and use on tomato, potato or pepper plants.

Comfrey Uses & Herbal Remedies

Comfrey Benefits

Comfrey is often made into salves to treat sprains, bruises, burns and speed the healing of wounds. Comfrey used topically is considered safe.

Comfrey tea makes a great fertilizer for tomato, potato and pepper plants.

Dried Comfrey leaves and roots are considered by many to be a must have in travel as it provides effective guardianship over travelers. Traveling pouches are often made and placed with the traveler in their luggage or vehicle.

Comfrey Cautions

Comfrey should not be used internally due to researched evidence that it can cause liver damage and some cancers.

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