colon cleansing tea. Main ingredients to look for?

by Shannon
(Las Vegas, nv)

I am looking for a colon cleansing type of tea. I would like to know what some of the main ingredients should be. Also I plan on purchasing the tea at my local whole foods market. (i really like the way they will back their product lines)If there is a special tes from there someone will recommend I will appreciate it or if there are just some master ingredients I should look for I will appreciate being steered into that direction as well. I want to wipe my colon free of all its impurities. I am a vegeratian and have been for 25 years (im 34 now) so i dont eat any animal, fish or otherwise but do eat a ton of processed foods. Any advise would be very appreciated. I am really hoping for some honest answers without a big sales pitch personal experience is what I am hoping for

Thanks again
Las Vegas, NV

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