Chun Mee Green Tea

Chun Mee Green Tea is one of the most popular green teas that originate from China. Read some interesting details about this famous Chinese Tea.
“Chun Mee” translates in English to “ Precious Eye Brows”. Yes, the leaves of Chun Mee Tea are dried and form the arched shape of a typical eyebrow. Hence the name.

Chun Mee Tea was originally only produced in the Jiangxi Province of China, however more provinces are now producing this popular Chinese green tea.

Chun Mee Tea Qualities

Chun Mee Green Tea

Chun Mee Tea is typically smooth and has a plum like sweetness; again it depends on the grade of the Chun Mee Tea that you purchase. The best Chun Mee’s have a sweet fragrance and are yellowish in color when brewed correctly. It is a mild tasting tea.

Chun Mee is made from cultivated tea plants (camellia senisis) typically found in tea plantations in China.

Chun Mee Tea from China & the Eyebrow Shape

To achieve a true eyebrow shape, the tea leaves are hand rolled, making this tea labour intensive. Each tea leave is hand rolled with precision to achieve the arched eyebrow shape when dried.

It must be dried at a precise temperature to achieve the precious eyebrow shape. When you purchase Chun Mee, it will be in a loose tea form. It is not something you will find in a tea bag.

This takes great skill, and is not a quick process for those who are not skilled in rolling the tea leaves.

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