Christmas Teas

Christmas Teas are one of my favorites! The smell of all the wonderful spices fills your home with the true smell of "Christmas from the kitchen".

Planning your christmas events and parties can be draining, and I assure you, serving Christmas Style Tea over the holiday season will be a welcome relief.

Christmas Spice Tea

There are specific blends of tea that are sold around the holiday season as Christmas Type Tea. Typically, they are a blend of black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. (Sound like a familiar blend?) Very similar to Chai Tea, Christmas Spice Tea is a spicy treat over the holiday season. You can make your own "Christmas Instant Tea Mix" and give it away to your friends and family, just follow this recipe here. The receiver of this little gift will remember you every time they pour a cup of this delicious tea.

I simply mix up this tea mix, put it in a jar, print a label on my computer and attach a fabric or paper crown on the jar with a ribbon!

You can also buy preblended christmas spice tea here at Adagio Teas. They blend a delicious Christmas Spice Tea and I often give this one as a special gift to someone who loves tea.

Christmas Decorations - Tea Towels

Okay we are talking Christmas and Tea so I had to through the idea of decorating the kitchen with Christmas Tea Towels and why not think about serving up your tea in bone china? It is so elegant and really does make your cup of tea special.

Gifts for The Tea Lover

Christmas themed gifts for the tea lover are fun! Here are a couple of tea for one gift sets that are a hit with whom ever I give them to. I usually include some Christmas Spice in the gift as well.

Holiday Candy Cane Tea for One

Holiday Candy Cane Tea for One

Sweeten up your holidays with something for yourself. This Holiday Candy Cane Tea for One Set is definitely worthy of consideration. The set comes complete with a pot, cup, and saucer in a candy cane design. To store, simply stack everything up. A great companion for your morning. Also consider other items in the same series to match.

Red Nightingale Tea for One Set

Red Nightingale Tea for One Set

Curl up on a lazy day and enjoy your own cup of tea with our Red Nightingale Tea for One Set. This set features larger handles for easier pouring. Comes complete with a pot, cup, and saucer. Perfect for bird lovers.

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