Chocolate Tea

Welcome to our chocolate tea section. This is one of my personal favorite sections of Crazy for Tea.

If you have not had the opportunity to try a chocolate infused black tea for dessert, or a lovely green chocolate tea at a luncheon you are in for a real treat as you explore the world of tea and chocolate. This is one of the newer trends in the tea industry and it is evolving fast.

You can now find choclate bars with tea - we have an article and links to buy on these fabulous high end choclate bars - great gifts for the tea lover. You can also find chocolate mint tea, chocolate rooibos tea, and chocolate green teas.

There are lots to choose from, so you can get a nice sweet, or mellow (higher cocoa content) chocolate infused tea. You need to consider what and who you will be serving the tea to to determine which of the choclate infused teas would suit your needs.

Lots of people plan chocolate themed tea parties too - which can be alot of fun. Everything chocolate - tea sandwiches, desserts, tea chocolates, tea infused cakes and pasteries.... this one can be so much fun.

There are also a variety of other ways to get tea into your favorite choclate recipes, like green tea chocolate mousse, or green tea chocolate cream pie.... You can come up with a few of your own I am sure.

The tea leaves - green, black, rooibos and earl grey (personal favorite as bergamot is a natural for chocolate) and many more types of tea leaves go well with chocolate. You can further vary any of these combinations by varying the type of chocolate you use. White chocolate raspberry tea is delicious! How about a white chocolate strawberry tea cheescake?

I am sure your head is starting to fill with wonderful ideas as you read more in this article.

Choclate tea is a personal favorite and Chocolate Mint Tea is a standby for me.

This is chocolate, mint tea and sometimes contains black tea as well.

Here are some personal favorites:

Tea Infused Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Mint Tea

Chocolate Chai Tea

Chocolate Green Tea

Chocolate infused with Earl Gray Tea

Tea Chocolates and Candy

There are many other types of chocolate infused teas as well, and you can find some delicious varieties.

Chocolate Tea Recipe

There are some terrific preblended or infused teas that contain chocolate, but here is an easy tea recipe for you and you will save yourself a bit of money in the process.

How to Make Chocolate Tea at Home

This is a basic tea recipe for you, from here the sky is the limit as far as variations. Ingredients:
  • Lose High Quality Black Tea (ceylon is a great choice)
  • Pure chocolate chips or shavings
  • Simply add 3 chocloate chips to the black tea while infusing or steeping as you normally would. This will give you a great cup of black tea infused with chocolate and the nice thing is you control the entire process. You can use white chocolate, milk, or dark. Sometimes I use shavings of belgian chocolate when I am serving this tea and it is decadent to say the least.

    You can substitute the black tea with any other type of tea as well. So Chocolate chai tea is no longer a mystery! I like using a nice rooibos tea as well, it is great with the chocolate infusion.

    For addtional flavors - the tea recipe above lends itself naturally to vanilla and cinnamon. A dash of cinnamon or a cinnamonn stick is a great plus when making this as a dessert tea. These teas lend themselves to an after dinner treat, and are most delicious when served with fresh fruit, or a plain cake. You do not want to overpower and serve with a sweet dessert. It will take away from the beauty of the tea.

    Get creative! You can have some fun with chocolate and tea and I am sure you can come up with some terrific home infused teas that rival an expensive tea shop variety. With any tea blending at home, always use the best quality tea leaves to start. This will always lend itself to a better tasting cup of tea.

    Thanks for stopping by I hope you find these tea articles interesting and become a Chocolate flavored tea lover like me.


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    Chocolate Tea

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