Chocolate Mint Tea

Ohh your in for a treat! Chocolate Mint Tea is truly a special dessert tea that is delicious and unique.

Peppermint, mint and spearmint all lend themselves to a chocolate combination. They just go well together. If you think about it, peppermint choclate candies, cakes and desserts are always popular and refreshing because of the mint, and sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth from the choclate. Peppermint patties are one of my favorite after dinner 'treats' and it is the comibination of mint and chocolate that make them so special.

Chocolate Mint Tea

Chocolate peppermint tea is purchased quite easily from tea shoppes online and even perhaps your local tea store. Making homemade peppermint chocolate tea is also very easy to do.

There are some that are futher infused with additional ingredients, like lemon zest, but I prefer the true mint and choclate combinations and these are not easy to find.

True peppermint chocolate tea is made with two simple ingredients - peppermint leaves and shaved chocolate. Most teas that you buy online will either have green tea or black tea in them as well. there are also rooibos, chai, and wu long oolong teas used as a based in the mint chocolate retail tea sales.

To brew a true peppermint tea infused with chocolate, follow our recipe on our Peppermint Herbal Tea page and simply add some shaved good quality chocolate (a very small amount). This is all you have to do to make an awesome herbal tea that is great served as a dessert tea.

It is almost too easy I think, so perhaps that is why many tea sellers blend in other ingredients, but I don't think you need to, it is great with just the two ingredients.


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