Chocolate Green Tea

Green Tea Benefits

Yummy chocolate green tea might be just what you need for an afternoon boost or a tea party idea.

You can get all the green tea benefits from chosing a quality chocolate infused green tea.

One of the things that is great about this tea is you get a really nice flavor and health benefits but it is a terrific dessert tea and can be a really nice touch to serve to guests after a nice home cooked meal.

Tea is becoming almost as popular as coffee in North America and we are seeing a great variety of different types of teas, like the chocolate teas being introduced on a regular basis.

There are now fruit teas, dessert teas, tea for breakfast, teas for dinner, tea pairings with meals and on and on. If you stop by your local 'coffee shop' you may notice that there are as many tea choices as there are coffee choices and green tea seems to be leading the pack in a variety of ways.

Green tea lattes are becoming very popular - well why not a green tea mocha? Hence the evolution of the Chocolate Green Teas to many tea houses (typically the first to introduce new teas) and coffee shops.

Nice with an afternoon sweet or a tea biscuit, chocolate infused teas have a way of just topping off a dessert or sweet treat in perfect harmony.

Green tea by nature is not sweet - and typically has grassy earthy undertones that blend well with the infusion of chocolate. There are so many varieties of green tea, and so many choices when it comes to chocolate that you can imagine that there is no one best choice, but a variety to chose from.

Adagio Teas has a great selection of chocolate tea to choose from. Here are some of their top choices. They have a nice Cocomint Green Tea that is a blend of cocoa, peppermint and green tea. It brews a wonderful aroma and is a terrific choice as peppermint and chocolate go so well together.

There are several other great chocolate green teas available from other suppliers as well. Here are some more choices.

Chocolate infused with Green Tea

Just as you can drink green tea infused with chocolate - a really great treat is chocolates and candy infused with the green tea.

This is becoming a great tea lover niche and chocolate lends itself well to having a green tea infusion. There are some amazing chocolates out there that are a perfect special gift, or perhaps just an indulgence on a Sunday afternoon. Here are some that are available to purchase online:

Make your Own Green Chocolate Tea

Tea Recipe

The benefits of green tea can be terrific to maintaining health and wellness and it is much better for us than many of the other drinks we often reach for through out the day. You can make your own green tea blends, including green tea with a chocolate infusion by following the tea recipe below:

  • 1 teaspoon of loose green tea
  • 3 chocolate chips or equivilant chocolate shavings

For each cup of tea, just brew as normal and add the chocolate shavings or chips at the beginning of the brew. The chocolate will melt into the tea giving you a nice homemade green tea infused with chocolate of your choice. To this you can add more flavors like coconut or mango to get a great green tea infusion that you created yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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