Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony Information

The Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony is a joyous occasion in which people gather together to converse and brew tea in a very skillful way.

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It is a very relaxed event, and people can speak freely with each other throughout the entire process. It is named after gong fu – which translates into “skill and care” or “to do things well”. However, this ceremony is performed slightly differently in different regions of the world.

During the Chinese gong fu tea ceremony, the most common types of tea used are oolong and green tea, with oolong tea being the favored tea.

Equipment Needed For The Chinese Gong Fu Ceremony

To brew tea gong fu style, you will need the following items:
*A very small teapot, preferably a Yixing style tea pot.
*Small, Yixing tea cups
*Pot to Boil Water In
*Tea Pitcher

Everything done during a Chinese gong fu ceremony is prepared in small and delicate items, which enhances the elegance and pure nature of brewing tea.

Obtaining a Yixing Tea Pot is essential because of the type of clay used and how it reacts with the tea. Little by little, the porous clay slowly absorbs the flavor of the tea, which seasons the inside of the teapot to the flavor of tea, therefore enhancing the flavor. They are considered the best teapot to use for tea, especially in darker teas like oolong and black. You can choose a yixing at Adagio Teas.

Procedures of the Chinese gong fu ceremony

The environment should compliment the delicacy of the ceremony. Peaceful, relaxing settings are preferred. Soft, slow music also adds to the serenity of the atmosphere. Incense, flowers, and dim light should also be included for peacefulness.

The water should be boiled, being roughly 210 degrees or so. It should also be clean water. It should be filtered of salt, chlorine, or other chemicals that would inhibit taste.

Immediately pour water into the tea pitchers and serving cups. This brings the temperature of them up so the water doesn’t quickly cool down when it flows into them. It also gets rid of any dust accumulated in them. Finally, discard the water.

The tea is measured and then placed into a Yixing teapot. Adagio Teas offers a wonderful selection of loose tea for your ceremony.

Hot water is then poured into the Yixing tea pots, filling it to the brim. Water may be poured over the teapot to ensure maintaining a high temperature.

Brew the tea for approximately one minute. Some regions measure this time by taking long deep breaths. This further enhances the relaxation and serenity of the environment.

Transfer the tea into the tea pitcher to avoid uneven flavor from top to bottom.

Using a metal filter to catch fine particles may enhance the flavor by leaving out unwanted particles of the tea. However, some say not to use any type of metal during this process. Therefore, using a metal filter is optional.

Using Aroma Cups For Your Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

Aroma cups are optional, and are used only to enhance the elegance of the Chinese gong fu tea ceremony. Aroma cups are tall, slender cups. The idea is to quickly pour the brewed tea into them and bring it up to your nose. Smell the aroma from the tea and quickly transfer this to a shorter, wider cup. Then drink your tea and enjoy.

Subsequent brews can also be used, but with varying times on the infusion process. For each additional brew, add one or two long deep breaths to the infusion process. Repeat the rest of the steps the same way.

Generation Tea can help you locate all of the items you need such as tea pots, aroma cups, loose tea and more to have a Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony. Browse their site and order yourself up some Tea Ceremony goodies!


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