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Chickweed Tea may sound a little unusual, but it is actually very nutritious and chickweed for weightloss is becoming quite popular as a diet tea.

Chickweed is thought of as an invasive weed, that most gardeners try to iradicate from their gardens as soon as it sprouts up. It sets seed quickly, and left unchecked the tender green shoots will soon appear all over your garden. Chickweed has tiny leaves that are a beautiful light green, and does develop a white little flower that will set 1000's of seeds.

So while you are pulling it out, why not put it to some use?

Chickweed Herbal Tea

Chickweed Tea

Here is a recipe for making a common field chickweed herbal tea.

  • 1 teaspoon dried organic chickweed
  • (2 teaspoons fresh chickweed, bruised)
  • 8 ounces of fresh boiled water

Place the chickweed in a tea ball or tea strainer and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Drink the tea hot.

Chickweed for Weight Loss

Common chickweed, or field chickweed is a natural diuretic, meaning that drinking chickweed herbal tea can help us to loose weight and keep our weight in check.

It stimulates our metabolism and makes our bodies burn more fat! It also stimulates the digestive system and can help you if you are constipated. Drinking two or three cups of chickweed tea a day will really help your body naturally shed pounds. Of course, you must do this in conjunction with a sensible diet.

Where to Buy Chickweed

If you are not fortunate enough (don't laugh gardeners!) to have chickweed growing in your yard that is pesticide and chemical free, or if you are uncertain, we recommend that you buy your organic dried chickweed from Mountain Rose Herbs. All of their herbs are top quality, and their chickweed is no exception.

To visit their site, simply follow the banner below.

Chickweed - Organic Dried Chickweed

Chickweed Herbal Tea Bags

If you like the taste of chickweed herbal tea, and some people just love it, it is very refreshing and would like the convenience of a tea bag form, Alvita makes one. It is superb to take to work on if you are on the go and don't have time to steep your own at home.

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