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Chickweed Herb

Chickweed is numerous in variety and has established itself through out many parts of the world and is both an edible plant as well as medicinal.

Chickweed is interesting in the fact that the leaves fold over the buds at night and the plant appears to sleep.

Chickweed is high in nutrients and can be eaten in salads or cooked as a pot herb with a taste much like spinach. Distinguishable with its star shaped white flowers and its tear shaped leaves; Chickweed can be found growing wild. Whether eaten, used in a tea, added to a juice, used in a poultice or even in the bath Chickweed is one of the most useful and versatile herbs.

Chickweed Tea

Herbal Tea Recipe

Chickweed tea is prepared by steeping 1 tablespoon dried herb or 2 tablespoons if fresh, in 8 ounces of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Chickweed Uses & Herbal Remedies

Chickweed Benefits

Chickweed is a superior herb to be eaten as it is high in vitamins and nutrients and has a pleasing flavor. Use it in salads or cook it like a green.

Chickweed leaves can be bruised and rubbed on the skin to relieve itching and to sooth and cool. A poultice can also be made from Chickweed for the same purpose.

Chickweed can be used in soaps and lotions for its soothing and healing nature.

Chickweed tea is often used to sooth the digestive system.

Chickweed tea is high in potassium and is said to reduce food cravings making it the perfect tea to drink when dieting.

A strong infusion (tea) can be prepared and added to bath water to ease itching associated with insect bites, dry skin or even chickenpox.

Chickweed Cautions

Very high doses of Chickweed can possibly lead to excess amounts of nitrates and cause dizziness or even fainting; however, it is thought you would have to consume a very excessive amount of Chickweed to experience this.

Chickweed contains saponins which are toxic; however, they are poorly absorbed by the body and generally pass right through.

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