Chantal Tea Pot

Chantal Tea Pots are made in Germany and have many well known qualities.
These German made tea pots come in many colors and styles that are award winning and known for their top quality and workmanship.

These are some of the best whistling tea kettles on the market today, and any tea lover should treasure their Chantal Tea Kettle.

Some of the features that make these tea kettles or teapots so unique and speacial are their durability and timeless beauty.

There are some special edition Chantal Tea Kettles as well. Here is their latest:

Eva Zeisel Tea Kettle By Chantal

"Our Eva Zeisel collection honors celebrated designer Eva Zeisel. With a career that spans two centuries she is recognized as one of the most influential innovators in the world of design. Her designs encompass everything from dinnerware to furniture and establish her as a true pioneer in the modernization of the housewares industry. Our Eva Zeisel collection incorporates both vintage designs like the Pinnacle mug, originally conceived in the 1980s for International China and now reissued by Chantal, as well as the newest Zeisel design – a collaboration between Zeisel and Chantal founder Heida Thurlow -- the Eva teakettle. A Chantal exclusive, the Eva teakettle unites Thurlow’s 30 years of expertise in teakettle technology with Zeisel’s graceful and original design. Our Eva Zeisel Collection brings legendary design within reach and into your home – just as Eva always intended."

This is a true classic tea pot that is so well priced I can't believe it!!

Classic Chantal Tea Pot

Here is what the manufacturer has to say about the classic Chantal Tea Kettle:

"Our classic teakettle rocketed to popularity when introduced over 25 years ago. The accolades continue for this timeless Chantal original, sure to remain a design icon and home favorite for the foreseeable future. Crafted of colorful enamel on steel, or stainless, the immediately recognizable shape and characteristic stainless steel handle say it’s Chantal. Featuring our exclusive two-tone Hohner Harmonica whistle, this kettle doesn’t just whistle – it sings! The smooth, flat base creates maximum contact for rapid boiling, and the extra-large opening allows for easy cleaning and handling. Like all our standard-size kettles, our classic teakettle boasts a functional capacity of 1.8 quarts. Chantal teakettles are perfect for all stove types, including induction. Available in a variety of beautiful colors guaranteed not to fade. Limited warranty."

You just can't be without one of these beauties!! A great addition to any collection, I like to pick up Chantal Tea Pots at Ebay for terrific deals and pricing. Here is what is being auctioned right now:

The older Chantal Tea Kettles are becoming quite collectible. Chantal tea kettles have been made for over 25 years.

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