Chamomile Tea Gives "All-In-One" A New Meaning!

If you're interested in herbal tea, you may have heard of chamomile tea. It has been very popular throughout the ages, and for good reason. If you need something for an "all-around comforter" look no further than this soothing tea.
After a long hard day at work, this is the perfect tea to drink. It will calm you down, relieve your stress, and brighten your spirits.

Most people look forward to having a beer to calm them down after work, but not tea drinkers! Tea has a much more calming effect on the psyche as well as the nerves and everything in between. Chamomile is one tea that does a wonderful job of this.

Although many people probably don't realize this, there is a very wide variety of this plant. However, the 2 used for medicinal purposes are the Roman and German.

Caution! Do NOT drink Chamomile Tea While Preganant!

Roman - This plant grows in Europe as well as the United States and its leaves are grayish-green, feathery, and a bit segmented. It blooms in the later part of summer, growing beautiful flowers with a flat, yellow center, similar to daisies.

They are commonly used as part of landscaping in England, partly because they release a great apple-like fragrance when stepped on.

German Variety - This plant is similar to the Roman but has a few slight differences. The leaves are bright green, it's about 2 feet tall (the Roman stays close to the ground), and the leaves are segmented like the Roman plant. The flowers look similar, but this plant has white petals and hollow conical centers.

Chamomile Tea

Going back in History

Back in the time of the Saxons, chamomile tea was one of the nine sacred herbs, except that they called it "maythen".

The French also treasure this great herb, holding it as one of their 6 favored "tisanes", or "herb teas".

The Benefits of Chamomile Herbal Tea Include:

Aches, Pains or Cramps
Bladder Irritation
Nausea, Vomiting
Softer Skin
Aid in Sleeping
Digestive Disorders of any kind

It has also been known to help heal eye inflammations such as pink eye, as well as help to relieve asthma, hay fever, and sinusitis.

Like I always say, it's better to use anything you buy as much as you possibly can in order to get full use of it. Well there is no exception to chamomile tea.

If you rinse your hair with a chamomile solution, you can expect it to brighten up your hair a bit, sometimes enough for people to notice you added highlights to your hair! (However, obviously be cautious if you want to try that out - I've never personally tried this one out)

Buy Chamomile Herbal Tea

There are many great commercially blended chamomile based teas on the market. Here are some of the most popular.


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