CANCER and Juniper Tea

(st john's nl canada)

What effect does juniper herbal yea have on cancer cells in the human body ? Does it help to shrink the cancer cells ? And, do you know if it has been used for this purpose by some people? Where could I find more information on this subject ?

I have no research to support juniper tea in cancer cell reduction. - sorry, you may find something in google? or one of our other readers may be able to comment on the effects of juniper tea on cancer cells.

I have been researching the affects of pure aloe gel and aloe vera on cancer cells, and there has been some promising research on a variety of different types of cancer.

You can read more about Aloe Vera Tea here. It is really the aloe vera gel (pure) that you will need or the physical leaves of aloe that are 3 years plus old.

You can visit our sister site - Aloe Vera Juice Benefits and there is a recipe there under RECIPES that provides the classic Honey Aloe Recipe for cancer treatment.

I hope this helps, good luck to you.


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