Calm Tea for Sleeping?

Can chamomile and catnip be combined as a relaxing tea?

Thanks for the question about combining herbs to make a herbal tea blend. yes, you can combine catnip and chamomile into a sleepy time tea - and this would be quite the combination.

You can blend many herbs, and catnip can cause the opposite effect in some people and act as a stimulant, so you would need to test your herbal tea blend to ensure that it is going to put you in a sleepy state.

I love to test and play with blending different herbs into a variety of herbal teas and sleepy time tea is one of the ones I play with blending alot.

I use valerian to make my sleepy time tea, along with chamomile, rose petals and lavender. It is a dreamy time tea. Let me know how you make out with using catnip tea and chamomile tea together - thanks for the question and good luck.

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