The True Facts About Caffeine In Tea!

The amount of caffeine in tea may surprise you. Most people are afraid to get too much caffeine. Tea is loaded with it is what most people think.

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Well guess what, It's not!

Compared to coffee, the caffeine tea contains is of hardly any importance. Coffee has an average of about 100 mg of caffeine per cup (although some varieties contain up to 175mg or more!), while tea ranges anywhere from 0 to 100mg at the very most.

However, tea has the advantage of being able to get lose about 85 percent of the caffeine it contains. What does that mean? Just as much great taste, with minimal caffeine!

Here is a comparison of caffeine levels for a few different drinks:

Caffeine Tea Chart

Rooibos Tea and Herbal Tea - 0mg
Decaf Tea - 2-4mg
White Tea - 5-15mg
Green Tea - 8-20mg
Oolong Tea - 20-55mg
Black Tea - 25-100mg
Coffee - 80-175mg
Mountain Dew - 55mg
Pepsi One - 55mg
Diet Coke - 45.6mg

Just realize how much extra sugar you're bringing in with soda though. That's worse for you than caffeine!

This might be a shocker...

Small to moderate amounts of caffeine are good for you. That's right, GOOD for you. Most people label caffeine as a drug or something thats horribly bad for you. However, studies have consistently shown that caffeine in small quantities is quite good for you.

I'm not endorsing that you drink huge amounts of caffeine, but anything under 100-125mg per day shouldn't do you any harm. Of course, seek medical advice before increasing your intake of anything, including caffeine. Some people have different reactions to caffeine than others, so make sure you consult a doctor first.

In moderate quantities, caffeine from tea can help you think clearer, contribute to your feeling of well being, help you stay energized, help burn fat, and studies from the have also shown that it can help to reduce liver disease!

However the studies on liver disease couldn't figure out exactly why, and they think it may just be an effect of tea that's lowering the risk of liver disease.

Decaf tea from adagio tea!

There is also a difference between the caffeine in coffee and the caffeine in tea.

Coffee caffeine gives you a sudden jolt of energy, but when that wears off you often feel tired again. On the other hand, tea caffeine slowly releases it into your body so you get a steady increase in energy and you won't feel like your going to fall asleep when it wears off.

The caffeine in tea really should not be a factor in your decision as to whether or not you want to drink it. If you're really worried about it, either purchase some Rooibos, other low-caffeine teas, or follow my decafinating tips to eliminate 80% of the caffeine in tea!

A little hint to help you remember the caffeine content in tea - "the less oxidized the tea, or the "lighter" the tea, the less caffeine it contains."


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