Caffeine and even Hebal Teas can they cause consitpation?

by Cinnamon
(Gurnee, IL)

Lately, I've notice that the more I drink TEA and I love TEA the more I've become constipated. I mostly drink Caffiene Teas and used to drink only Herbals but my friend has also noticed the same with Herbal as well. And also I'm not sure if this is effecting my skin but this may be just hormornes for I am 40. But I love TEA and started drinking Caffiene Teas about 2 years ago due to the benenfits that seemed to better then the Herbals. And some Herbals are not really that good for you either so I just stopped. I love warm drinks and I'm not a coffee drinker though once in a while I like to have one and then I pay for. It's not for me gives me a headache later on and that sucks. And as for Hot Coco it has to be made with Lactose Free Milk and not the powder crap like Swiss Miss. So bad for you! The best is Giradelli Mix which I know I'm spelling it wrong and a mix that's soooo good, Sam's sells it during Christmas and you can buy it online also its called Polar Express Hot Coco Mix in a tin like container. And then your left with apple sider, broth and warm water. I need my TEA any suggestions on this and what to do?

I like to drink 2-3 cups of TEA a day and now I'm not, I'm drinking warm juice, not fun man.

Thank's so much for your time and listening!!

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