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Oolong Diet Tea

  • Have you tried fad diets and weight loss products before with little or no results?
  • Are you looking for a product to help you loose weight?
  • Are you looking to increase your metabolism?
  • Has weight loss been a battle for you?
  • Are you looking for a safe, drug free weight loss program?
  • If you answer YES to ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS then Oolong Tea is what you are looking for.

    Benefits of Oolong Tea

    Oolong and Wulong Tea has been proven to increase the average persons metabolism by as much as a whopping 15%.

    Increasing your metabolism is the best way for your body to shed those unwanted pounds.

    Just three cups of oolong tea a day can get you the weight loss results you have been looking for.

    Top celebrities are endorsing oolong tea as the Most Amazing Diet Tea on the market today. And guess what? It is 100% NATURAL!

    No need to fill your body with harsh chemicals and dangerous pharmaceuticals. Just drink your tea and watch the pounds fly off!

    What Our Oolong Tea Customers have Said

    "If you're looking for a natural way to weight loss, this tea is top notch! I am so happy with my results!" Sarah, New Jersey

    "This Weight Loss Tea is Amazing - I lost 10lbs in the first week with diet and excercise!" Patrick, Sunny California

    "Wulong Tea has totally deminished my appetite! I used to be hungry all day, and now I am not. Thank You for this wonderful tea, I look great in my bathing suit, just in time for holidays!" Susan, Florida

    Oolong Diet

    Oprah Even Endorses OOLONG!

    Buy Oolong Tea

    oprah & oolong Recently, Oprah devoted a show to the weight loss properties of Oolong Tea. This natural tea is truly amazing when it comes to weight loss tea and diet tea.

    So how does it work? Simple - Premium oolong tea is a blend of both green and black teas. It is 100% natural and does not contain any drugs or addtional ingredients. It's natural composition lends itself to increasing metabolism in the body. When the bodies metabolism is increased, the body naturally burns more fat and calories - up to 15% more and loose up to 12 lbs a WEEK

    Wuyi Mountains in China is the origin of true Oolong tea, there are many people selling imitation oolong - but we have been able to secure top quality oolong direct from China at an amazing price.

    Oolong Tea Guarantee

    We are so sure you will be happy with the results, we offer a full 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied in the first 30 days. Just ship us back the unused tea, and we will refund your purchase less shipping.

    You have NOTHING to loose but POUNDS

    Oolong Tea We are able to offer the following amounts of oolong wulong tea from the Wu Yi Mountains in the Fujian Province of China. We have secured a direct supply of authentic original Oolong Tea from the Fujian Province. This tea could demand as much as $40 for 125 grams, but we are offering it at wholesale prices to our Crazy For Tea customers. Please take advantage of these fabulous prices.

  • 125 Grams Of Premium Oolong Tea Regular $39.95 - JUST $13.98 plus shipping!
  • This is a one month supply of Oolong.

    Premium Oolong Fujian Province Tea

  • 250 Grams Of Premium Oolong Tea Regular $79.99 - JUST $23.98 plus shipping!
  • Premium Oolong Fujian Province Tea

    Your shipment of premium oolong wulong tea will be sent without delay so you can start loosing weight fast.

    Fujian Oolong Tea

    Our packages of oolong tea are foil packed for freshness in 125 gram packages. You will receive your tea fresh. Below is an actual picture of our Oolong Tea.... it is delicious! Buy oolong tea for diet, weight loss and health.

    Oolong Tea

    Still not totally convinced? Visit our Oolong Page.

    Try a FREE Oolong Tea Sample!

    If you really want to try a sample, we have a VERY LIMITED number of FREE SAMPLES available.

    All you have to pay is shipping & handling! To get your FREE OOLONG TEA, just click the Paypal Button below. It will only charge you for shipping & handling and your sample will be sent right away. Your Shipping & Handling will be REFUNDED when you order your first 30 day supply!

    This offer is only available for a Limited Time, once the Free Samples are gone, we will not be restocking.

    If you ever wanted to try Oolong Tea for weight loss, this is a great offer.

    Order FREE OOLONG TEA, Pay only Shipping & Handling

    Oolong Tea

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