How To Brew White Tea

Learn How to Make White Tea

If you want to brew white tea, you need to do it right. One slip in the method used to steep white tea, and you can really alter the flavor and taste.

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If you don't brew it properly, you run the risk of getting less flavor than you should. This is a common complaint for those who have justed started to brew the white varieties of tea. It is delicate and not meant to be as strong as a green tea or black tea, but you should still get a nice flavour.

Below are some helpful tips and tricks when making the perfect cup or pot of white tea. I hope you find them very useful and you get a great quality white tea brew.

Here are a few tips in helping to brew the tea properly.

How to Make White Tea

Brew White Tea

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1) Use fresh, cold water. - Don't let water sit in a pot all night and then heat it up in the morning. It needs to be fresh. In fact, the proper way is to use cold bottled water or at least filtered water.

2) Don't Use Boiling Water - This doesn't mean don't boil the water. Boiling the water is essential to making sure it's 100% clean. However, let it sit for a minute or two before you pour it into the cup. The proper temperature should be between 170-185 degrees. This would be one of the most important tips for brewing white tea - the water temperature.

3) Apply The Leaves Generously - Due to the fact that white tea is less dense than other tea leaves, you will need to put in a few more leaves per serving than usual to get the right taste. 2 teaspoons of the white leaves are usually about right for properly brewing white tea. You will need a tea strainer. Visit our Tea Strainer pages to help you with your stainer. You will note this is almost double the tea leaves that you would use if you were brewing a green tea or a black.

4) More Is Better When It Comes To Steeping - To properly brew white tea, it is recommended to let it a steep a bit longer than usual. Although steeping times differ with different brands of white tea, start out with a beginning time of 3-5 minutes. After that you can try 4-5 minutes in each additional cup of tea. Steeping time will vary from person to person. - You can make it bitter however if you steep it too long, or use water that is too hot. This is the trick, finding the exact moment your tea is perfect. If you find it, right down the time or make a mental note of the minutes and seconds to brew the perfect cup of tea.

5) Don't Use Old White Tea - To properly brew white tea, it needs to be fresh. Once a package is opened, it has a shelf-life of about 2-3 months. However, this is if it's in an air-tight container and it wasn't previously exposed to large amounts of air. We have some delicious white tea for sale. Visit our White Tea Store and shop online for white tea from our top suppliers or visit Adagio Teas.

6) Brew Your White Tea With The Right Pot - If you are using the wrong tea pot, namely a stainless steel pot, you may be badly affecting the flavor you get when you brew green tea. Chinese Tea Pots are highly recommend as they are made specifically with taste in mind. The very best tea pots are Yixing Tea Pots Section for more information and a great selection of Yixing Tea Pots for sale.

If you are an avid tea drinker, you may appreciate spending an hour or so running a 'tea experiment' with your favorite white tea variety. Follow the instructins above, and begin a taste test of the tea every 30 seconds to determine the exact brew time for your tea based on temperature, and the type of water, the tea pot, and the quality of the white tea leaves. Write this down in a journal. It will come in handy next time you go to brew white tea.


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