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Can you give me any tea recipes using fenugreek tea?

There is a basic recipe for making fenungreek tea on our herb page Fenugreek Herb.

This is the base for this tea. You can add lemon, sweetner etc for a change of pace.

The fenugreek seed goes 'mushy' when you soak and steep it, and there is a definite 'smell' to the tea. (it puts me off a bit to tell you the truth) so I have to add lots of lemon.

Also, it does not store well. Make only as much as you are going to consume in 1 day. I left some in the fridge for a couple of days in a jar and it really did smell bad and put me off.

There is a great natural breast enlargement herbal method that uses fenugreek as a key ingredient, you can visit them here. This site has the key to getting fast results with herbs.

Anyhow, good luck, it works for breast enlargement.

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