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Blue Vervain Tea

Native of North America Blue Vervain herb can be found growing wild along the roadside through out the United States and southern Canada.

Blue Vervain, also known as Wild Hyssop is a part of beautiful scenery growing 2 – 3 foot tall and producing delicate pale lavender-blue flowers.

Blue Vervain is both an edible plant as well as medicinal in its properties. The seeds can be roasted and eaten or ground into flour.

Blue Vervain Folklore

Oddly, Blue Vervain folklore contains stories of uses by witches and druids as well as uses by monks and considered holy. It was considered holy by monks and druids alike.

It is said that washing your hands in an infusion of Vervain will cause anyone you then touch to fall in love with you…be careful if you are very touchy feely!

Blue Vervain Tea

Herbal Tea Recipes

A vervain tea can be made by steeping 1 tablespoon dried Blue Vervain leaves, roots and flower in 1 pint of water for 10 minutes.

Blue Vervain Uses & Herbal Remedies

Blue Vervain Properties

Blue Vervain tea is often used for colds, coughs and fever as it will help expel congestion from the lungs and cause sweating which cools the body.

Due to its ability to cause sweating and as a diuretic Blue Vervain herb is used to refresh and cool the body and to remove toxins by sweating and flushing them out.

Blue Vervain has a mild sedative effect and the tea is often taken before bed to encourage restful sleep.

A salve or compress of Blue Vervain has been used to help heal wounds, bruises and sores.

The seeds of Blue Vervain can be roasted and ground into flour and used as any other flour in cooking and baking.

Blue Vervain Cautions

Blue Vervain Side Effects

Although safe in breastfeeding women, pregnant women should avoid taking Blue Vervain until the end of the pregnancy.

Avoid use of Blue Vervain if you have a history of heart disease.

High does of Blue Vervain can be toxic and cause vomiting.

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