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Black and Blue Cohosh


Blue Cohosh Herb

Part of the Barberry family Blue Cohosh, also known as Squaw Root is a flowering plant that produces blue colored berry like fruit.

Found in the woodlands of North America Blue Cohosh has been used by Native Americans medicinally for centuries.

The popularity of Blue Cohosh’s medicinal uses is making wild growing Blue Cohosh endangered as it is being over harvested. Blue Cohosh can be difficult to grow from seed; however, root divisions often will grow in woodland locations.

Blue Cohosh Controversy

Blue Cohosh to Start Labour

We get emails all the time asking "Does blue cohosh induce labor?Blue Cohosh has become the subject of much controversy in its use by pregnant women to encourage labor. There are many reports regarding its safety and effectiveness as well as many reports and claims of its dangers and ineffectiveness as well as negative effect on the environment.

Before you try black and blue cohosh to induce labour, please consult a medical practitioner, you could be putting yourself and your baby at risk. A mid wife or herbalist will also be able to help you.

Blue Cohosh Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea Recipes & Herbal Remedies

A tea can be made of Blue Cohosh by steeping 1 ounce dried root to one pint of water for a half hour.

Blue Cohosh Uses and Herbal Remedies

Blue Cohosh Benefits

Blue Cohosh tea or tincture is often used to bring on menstruation and ease the pain of menstruation.

It is also used to induce labor in full term women; however, this practice is controversial.

Blue Cohosh is often used in conjunction with other herbs for female conditions such as PMS symptoms, heavy and painful menstruation or to bring on menstruation.

Blue Cohosh Folklore

Blue Cohosh has been thought to protect objects and places from evil and often given as a house warming gift to ward off evil.

Blue Coshosh Tincture

Blue cohosh is readily available as a tincture or concentrate. Floow the directions. The blue cohosh drops can be added to herbal teas and herbal remedies.

Blue Cohosh Cautions

Blue Cohosh should be avoided during pregnancy other than the last 4-6 weeks. Use caution even in late pregnancy as there is controversy as to the effectiveness and safety of using Blue Cohosh in pregnancy.

Do not use Blue Cohosh if you have GERD, heart disease or high blood pressure.

High doses of Blue Cohosh can cause nausea and vomiting, convulsions, headache and heart failure.

Breastfeeding women should not use Blue Cohosh for lack of studies in the crossing into the milk.

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