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Blueberry Herb

Blueberry, closely related to the Bilberry is native to North America, though it can be found growing in Australia and South America and shipped through out the world.

It has been in the last 10 year that the Blueberry was declared a super food for its many heath promoting qualities. Chuck full of anti oxidants - this berry contains nothing but good stuff for our bodies.

It is one of my favorite ingredients in herbal tea blends. It just adds a beautiful flavor.

Blueberries can be distinguished from the Bilberry or Huckleberry by the color of the flesh. A ripe Blueberry’s inside color will be a whitish green while the Bilberry’s color is a deep red or purple. Another difference is in the growth, the Blueberry bush produces fruit that grows in bunches while the Bilberry bush’s fruit grows singularly.

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients that can help alleviate illness as well as preventing them. Blueberries are made into pies and jellies and other deserts, blueberry juice is drank not only for taste but for the nutritive value.

Blueberry Tea

Herbal Teas & Herbal Remedies

Dried Blueberries can be added to teas and other beverages to enhance the flavor and add nutritive value to the tea.

Blueberry leaf tea can be prepared by steeping 1 – 2 teaspoons of dried Blueberry leaves in a pint of water for 10 minutes. Adagio Teas has a delicious Blueberry White Tea, one of my personal favorites.

Amazing think is the tea is never blue, it is always just flavored with the blueberry.

Blueberry Uses & Herbal Remedies

Blueberry Benefits

Many desserts, jams, jellies and juice beverages are made using Blueberries as the naturally sweet flavor is much desired and is even celebrated by many cities in the month of July.

Blueberry juice can be consumed in its condensed form daily to help prevent cancer, fight aging and other diseases by helping the body metabolize free radicals in the blood.

Blueberry leaf tea has been used by diabetics to help lower blood sugar levels.

Blueberry Folklore

Maybe because of its antioxidant quality’s the Blueberry is associated with protection and it is said that placing dried or fresh Blueberry sprigs inside the house or planted outside will grant protection.

Blueberry Cautions

There are no known cautions with the Blueberry other than the hazards associated with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers used in farming Blueberries; buy organic.

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