Black Tea Side Effects

Wondering if there are black tea side effects you should be concerned about? Does drinking black tea cause you concern? This article will address some of the more common side effects that have been associated or linked to drinking black tea.

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Black tea is one of the most common types of tea that is consumed on a regular basis. Did you grow up with Red Rose or Tetley tea being served in your home? If you did, then you were drinking black tea.

Black tea is the most common of all types of tea including green tea, white tea, red tea and herbal teas. It is very popular in many countries, regions and cultures. Like any type of product we ingest, some people can have no side effects when drinking black tea, and others can experience a variety of symptoms from drinking black tea just once.

Black Tea Side Effects

Regardless of if you are drinking prepackaged black tea tea bags - very common, or high quality loose black tea, both can cause side effects - though the severity of these side effects can vary depending on the quality and strength of the tea.

Here are the most common side effects associated with drinking more than 3 cups of black tea per day:

  • caffeine jitters
  • headache
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • dizziness
  • upset stomachh
  • heartburn
  • ringing in the ears
  • irregular heartbeat
All of the above symptoms and side effects result from the level of caffeine in the black tea - not the actual tea.

Most people that have problems or notice side effects from drinking black tea, are usually people who also experience the same range of side effects from drinking any type of caffeinated beverage such as colas, coffee, and caffeinated energy drinks.

Drinking too much Black Tea

If you are experiencing any black tea side effects, drink water. This will help flush the caffeine from your system while keeping you hydrated.

Most of us can consume 3 cups of black tea per day without any side effects and all the benefits! If you are experiencing any of the above noted symptoms, cut back on the amount of black tea you are drinking and see if the situation improves.

If you are expereincing and symptoms considered an emergency, please contact your medical services provider. Some people can be allergic to black tea.

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