Black Current Tea

Types of Black Tea

Black Current Tea ? - Delicious but you meant black currant tea - a fruity infused black tea that tastes like sweet black currants. Read about types of black tea including black infused tea in this article.

Black Currant Tea

Types of Black Tea

I am glad that we have clarified for you that you are actually seeking out black currant tea instead of black current tea. It is a really common typo and some people do not realize that black currants are actually fruit. It is typically blended or infused with black tea. It was one of the first fruit based teas that I ever tried and to this day, I really love this tea. It is like comfort food for me.

Benefits of Black Currants

There are some health benefits associated with black currants and many health benefits associated with black tea, so you get a bit of a double dose.

Black currants are very very high in vitamin C - some black currant teas utilize the berry flavor and some use the leaf to make the tea - this is typically a herbal tea of just the leaf as opposed to the black tea infused with the berries.

I really love this tea!! (I think I may have said that) - It also contains essential nutrients such as vitamin B5, potassium, phosphorus, and iron.

All of this nutrients mixed with the benefits of black tea a powerhouse of a tea. In Japan, black currants are very popular for their health benefits.

Types of Black Currant Tea

So there are two distinct types of black currant tea (not black current tea!). First we will discuss the less common - black currant tea made from the leaves of the black currant shrub.

This is a true herbal tea and it is caffeine free. It is sometimes infused with berries for additional flavor.

The herbal type of black currant tea are noted for its tremendous health benefits. It is noted for improving the function of your liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas and digestive system. THere are also antioxidants in the berries. This is helpful in inradicating free radicals and improving your immune system.

The second type of black current tea - is true tea leaves, almost always black tea, blended with the black currant leaves and usually there are dried berries in the tea as well. Brewed up it takes on a lovely purple color and it smells sweet and is delicious.

I like this type of black currant tea plain, though you can sweeten it with honey and add milk. Lovely served at an afternoon tea.

Well, I hope this article helped you to understand that it wasn't current tea that you were looking for but black currant tea.

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